The Lion tied by Timo Kontio


For the main wing I tied the bigger portion of it as a mixed wing but with sides and roof not mixed in. The pattern and notes per Land & Water as follows.

The Lion (James Wright.)

Tag: Silver twist and yellow silk.
Tail: A topping.
Butt: Black herl.
Body: Silver tinsel (flat), ribbed with silver tinsel (oval), about one fifth part being left at the shoulder for dark scarlet seal’s fur well picked out.
Hackle: Natural black, as shown.
Throat: Gallina.
Wings: Commencing with a few fibres of golden pheasant tippet, sword feather of the golden pheasant and peacock herl. Yellow macaw, red macaw, bustard, golden pheasant tail, teal, gallina ; with two strips of mallard above, and a topping.
Sides: Jungle fowl.
Horn: Blue Macaw.
Head: Black Berlin wool.

The shoulder of the Lion, together with its silver body, leads us to the conclusion that it is for bright water purposes. In fact, all silver bodies are used with greater success in bright weather and clear water, although this particular pattern may certainly show a little more than others of its sort in waters that are porter- coloured from peat, or otherwise slightly stained.
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