Warrior Extreme by Gilbert Rowley

For a complete recipe and material list visit: http://flytying123.com/warrior-extreme-rainbow-warrior-variation-fly-tying-video/03/25/2015/

Some days the impressionistic drab fly patterns that truly seem to imitate aquatic macroinvertebrates are the ones the get the job done. Fish after fish we convince ourselves that our knowledge of stream entomology has once again deciphered the mysteries held deep within each river and stream we fish. How then do we endorse our knowledge when a flashy attractor pattern that closer resembles a candy wrapper than a macroinvertebrate catches all the fish? Seems to me that sometimes we as anglers need to admit that despite all the knowledge we may have, the sheer hunger, aggression, or curiosity of trout outweighs any type of matching game we may attempt to play. Such occasions I often find myself cracking the code by simply throwing the flashiest attractor nymph in my box – the Warrior Extreme.

This is a Rainbow Warrior variation that with some minor changes adds a different spin to a classic fly pattern. Check it out, and tie some up!

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