Everything you need to know about OPST Commando Skagit – Oliver Sutro

Equipment used: Temple Fork Outfitters, BVK spey 8wt 13’ 4”, Deer Creek Switch 9wt 11’, Mangrove 10wt 9’
BVK IV large arbor reel, Atoll IV reel, TFO large arbor 4.25 reel
Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics, Commando Skagit Heads, 475-375 grain Bucket sink tips, Lazar running line 40lbs and 50lbs


I asked Oliver to give me a little more information about himself and the OPST lines. See below. -Paul

Can’t really remember how old I was when I picked up my first single handed rod, doesn’t matter. I started fishing the way I like to fish when I picked up a double handed rod. That was when I was 14, in Scotland, on the River Spey. I think Salmon are my species of choice, but that could easily change, I’m young.

This season was the first time I didn’t pick up my favorite 15′ 10wt to fish for kings. OPST sent me an assortment of their lines, and I’m sold. My new favorite rod? 11′ 9wt. I’ll fish it from a boat, from the bank, from the trees, inside a bush, in a chair, etc. You can’t take an OPST commando head and compare it grain for grain, foot by foot, to your next favorite skagit line. It is completely different. It is light and effortless, almost delicate in comparison to traditional skagit, but don’t let the grain weights fool you, these lines produce an insane amount of power, with an extremely tight and gentle casting stroke.

I remember the day I first picked up a 15′ rod like it was yesterday. I will remember the day when I switch back to a single handed rod…casting OPST commando heads. Enough fumbling and bumbling about in the bushes, catching trees, and using 6x, I’m moving on to trout! Stay tuned.

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Oliver Sutro

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