Fat Albert – Marcelo Morales

Brent Taylor of Kansas City, Missouri is the originator of this popular fly. Marcelo does a great job here showing how to tie the Fat Albert. If you want to know a little more, go back to an earlier post I made on FrankenFly about the Fat Albert. Check out the comments on that post and you will see that Brent himself commented, which was really cool!

Hook: because it catches big fish, I use short streamer hooks instead of dry fly ones, the Daiichi 1720 is strong enough. The fly on the pictures is tied on a size 6 hook. If you are going to use shock leaders, use a straight hook. I have tied this fly in all sizes ranging from 4 to 12.

Thread: 3/0 monocord. It should be resistant and wide enough not to cut the foam. Turn the bobbin to untangle the thread and to keep it flat like tape.

Body: foam of about 2mm thick. Use a dark one and a clear one to make a difference in sections. This is optional, for single-color Fat Alberts are also killers, all-blacks are great.

Legs: barred silicon like the ones on Centipedes, by Montana Flies.

Wing: Antron or Gator Hair, white.

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