Fly tying of Markus Hoffman

Markus Hoffman

Markus Hoffman

I started fly fishing in 2007 and bought my first fly tying vise in 2010! In april 2011 I bought my Tiemco Vise II and thats when the tying started for real.
Right from the start I was intrigued by semi realistic and realistic flies made by tiers like Steve Thornton, Martin Rudin, Barry Ord Clarke and Ulf Hagström.
After more or less good attempts of tying my own flies I got in contact with Martin Rudin through Facebook. He became my mentor and friend. From that day my skills get better every day.
I tie flies in all variations. From nymphs and dry flies to super realistic ones. In early 2012 Swedish fly fishing legend Gunnar Westrin spotted my flies on Facebook and contacted the fly fishing magazine AOF. I was offered a place in their fly tying pages. In late 2012 I quit my job as a building constructor and gave fly tying full focus. In march 2013 I started my own company where I can sell my creations “


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5 Responses to Fly tying of Markus Hoffman

  1. Phil Eversman

    Amazing flies. What is he using for legs on these things?

  2. Doug Duvall

    Delicious looking flies … not that I’m a bug eater or anything but your patterns are super! You have really come on strong in a very short period of time and that is amazing! It’s taken me 30 years to come a tenth as far as you have come! Please keep feeding us! This is great stuff!
    Doug Duvall

    • George

      Doug, you were thinking the same thing I was thinking. Markus is clearly a talented Fly Tier and probably the best in our lifetime.

  3. Brian tumlinson

    The flies are great but I dig how you’ve taken a calculated risk and went all in..
    Well done, well done!