Wood Duck Flymph – Bill Shuck

Wood Duck Flymph

Wood Duck Flymph

So back in May I introduced you to Bill Shuck and since then I have posted many of Bill’s flies here on FrankenFly. While browsing the FlymphForum, which has become a daily occurrence for me, I came across Bill’s latest post and his newest fly fresh off the vise, the Wood Duck Flymph. Bill has mastered the Pete Hidy/James Leisenring style flymph and this is a prime example of that beauty. This fly not only struck me as beautiful, it inspired me to really start concentrating on tying my own flymphs and soft hackles. I know I have said that before, but this one finally pushed me past the starting line!

Have you taken the time lately to think about what fly tyers inspire your fly tying? Take some time and think about that and review some of your favorite tyer’s flies and feel that inspiration! Then fire that vise up!

Below is the materials list for Bill’s Wood Duck Flymph.

Hook: Mustad 94842, Size #12
Thread: Pearsall’s Gossamer 6B, Sherry Spinner
Hackle: Lemon wood duck flank
Tail: Lemon wood duck flank
Body: Blend of fox fur and hare’s cheek spun in 6B silk on a Clark block


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2 Responses to Wood Duck Flymph – Bill Shuck

  1. Doug Duvall

    Dearest Friends,
    You are absolutely right about Bills talents and abilities! He is the premier tyer of not only the Leisenring/Hidy style of flymphs, he is a wiz with drys and streamers! The Wood Duck Flymph pictured above is a killer pattern! We hope to see more of Bills beauties in the near future!
    Let’s see…..where did I put my spinning block??
    Inspired as well by this master piece,
    Doug Duvall