From the Dregs – Shawn Britton


From the Dregs

Style -Intruder

This Fly was from the Dregs of the tying waste basket…Hence the
name… So I this it is truly fit to be a “FrankenFly”

Hook:  Gamakatsu B10 stinger #4
Trailer/Stinger:  Gamakatsu Octopus #6
Trailer Hook Feathers:  Golden Yellow & Blue dyed mallard
Trailer Wire:  30lb Fireline Braid
Thread:  Black Monocord
Body:  Lime Green Chenille
Built Up Underbody:  Green EP Foxy Brush
Wings/Feather:  Two or Three Emu Feathers,
Three stripped to the tip, golden yellow hackles leaving a full stem to tie in
as you would a hackle.
Cheeks:  two short golden yellow saddles topped with jungle cock
Accent Flash:  Sparse amount of red and silver Krystal Flash
First Collar:  Blue Dyed Mallard
Finish Collar:  Blue Spey Hackle


shawn tying at storeShawn F. Britton:  I am just another angler and fly tier who has let his love of the outdoors consume his life. A published artist and freelance writer, and well know East Coast fly tier. My feet have been wet somewhere in the woods and waters since my birth and I know my rivers and streams like the back of my hand.  My business, Flies by Britton, is located in Torrington Connecticut, just minutes from two of New England’s premier Trout fisheries – The Farmington River and The Housatonic River. This is the original home of Custom Fly Tying, home base for my fly tying classes, fly shop, and close to the waters where I grew up fishing – the perfect waters in which to offer my instruction and guided trips for Fly Fishing. I also enjoy fishing and guiding on the smaller streams. You’ll find me just the same on many of the local lakes and ponds. Whether it’s from a canoes, pontoons or float tubes – I’ll be fishing for Trout, Bass, Pike and any other species of fish that will hit the end of my line.

Shawn is on the Flymen Fishing Company & Regal vise Pro Staff and a few more. He uses his Bulldog vise to any fly, from Catskill Flies to Crawfish & Hellgrammites, Spey & Dee to Salmon & Steelhead, etc.. Like many of us his approach to fly tying is not limited, nor is it one dimensional.
See you at the shows and maybe we’ll meet on the water.

Shawn is a Longtime Board member and the Newsletter/Web Editor for The Farmington River Anglers Association –

Tightlines’ Shawn

Feel free to contact me or stop by the shop and say hello.

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