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This is a continuation of the post from the other day of Doug Stout’s awesome work! If you have any interest of wanting something created by Doug, please contact him at the below information and inquire.

Doug sells granite bases for your fly tying vise in various colors and each base is unique. Please contact Doug for pricing. They are reasonable prices.


Doug has custom fly boxes he makes. Doug has placed the slits in the foam in a way so the flies will hang straight when the box is carried or hung up.

Large fly box – $32.95 – 10″ x 14″ and 3.5″ deep
Small fly box – $31.95 – 10.5″ x 8″ and 3″ deep



Fly rotators

AC power, 5rpm motor, steel powder coated, stainless steel, in-line cord switch

9″ tall, 4.5″ wide
wheel is 5″ in diameter 1.5″ thick

They come in white or black as pictured


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6 Responses to Doug Stout items

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  2. Harry H. Shuler Jr.

    First, let me just say I am bery impressed with your skills as a machinst. Secondly, I am interested on you making me a custom fly vise similar to the Law Vise on your web page. Is this something you are willing to do and can you give me a price and time range? The stream side also looks exquisite.


  3. Pascal Finger

    Hello Doug, respect for your machinist’s skills. i tried many times to contact you without any success… can you please contact me back for a custom quote? Kindest regards

  4. Valentin Muhaxheri


    I am also trying to contact Doug but without any success. I am interested in one of his vises. Anyone has another e-mail address beside the yahoo one?


    • Paul Beel

      Doug is not selling any vises. The machines he uses to make them are at his place of employment and he cannot use them to make vises for others, only for himself.