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For the last month I’ve been able to finally experience what it’s like to tie on a Regal. The model I have been using is their latest, Regal Revolution. Regal Vises are IN-LINE rotary vises. It was very easy to unpack and put together right out of the box. The jaws on this particular vise are the Traditional Head. The other heads available are the Big Game Head and if you want a Midge Revolution, you can custom order it. The Stainless Steel Head is not available for the Revolution.

regal5As most of you know that read FrankenFly on a regular basis, I tie all types of trout flies and big streamers for bass. I don’t normally go as large as pike size streamers. The largest flies I tie are for largemouth bass. The Traditional Head handled this without problems. The smallest hook I used was a size 16. The largest hook I used was a 1/0 Mustad 3366 and Gamakatsu size 1 B10S Stinger. I would suggest asking Regal to recommend what Head you should purchase depending on your tying style.

I think the two features that stood out the most were the holding capability of the jaws and the one arm operation of placing a hook in the jaws.

regal2The power of the jaws are honestly top notch. I can really torque down when tying a streamer and the hook stays in place.

The one arm operation is just that. You squeeze the lever with one hand, place the hook in the vise and release the lever. Presto, you are ready to start tying! I can see where this would really help the speed of a commercial tyer.  You can switch hook sizes without making any adjustments at all. For example on the Traditional Head, you can go from a #22 to a #1/0 without making any adjustments.

regal4The components of the vise are of good quality. There was nothing flimsy or weak about the vise. The rotary or rotating of the vise can be used by turning the brass handle. I adjusted the pressure with a knob and then I could just reach over and turn the brass handle to rotate my fly. It’s easy to adjust and I like that it isn’t a thin or small knob. Other adjustments can be made to the vise using Allen wrenches that are provided.

I have a Regal base for this vise. It’s the model with built-in pockets. It’s heavy duty metal and the pockets are handy to place small flies, beads, extra hooks, etc.

The one thing I didn’t like and was literally in the way, was the material spring near the jaws that is on top of the jaws of the vise. This gets in the way when you’re working with tails on your flies.

However, when I explained this to Michael McAuliffe of Regal he said, “We have redesigned the head so it will no longer have a post or material clip. We will have removable material clips available for purchase. This change will be effective Jan 2014.”

Don’t get me wrong, it can be worked around, but I’m glad to hear about the redesign.

After using the vise for myself, I can see why so many professionals choose a Regal as their main fly tying vise. It’s definitely a top of the line, quality vise, that deserves the reputation it has among professionals. I would highly recommend a Regal Vise for anyone looking for a new vise.

Please visit the Regal Vise website for more information.


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  1. Eric

    Wow Paul! Sounds like you’re getting comfortable with your new tool. What made you decide to buy a Revolution? Not every dealer stocks these. Did you find yours at a local dealer?

  2. Nice review. I have the newest big game jaws and they have the redesign with no spring. I also have the older traditional jaws and can say 100% with the spring gone, it’s awesome. Love my Regals.

  3. Steve Silverio

    Glad you are enjoying your Revolution Paul. An interesting fact is that Regal is not only a favorite with professional tyers but with commercial fly tying houses as well. Companies like Rainys & Montana Fly count on the work-horse dependability of Regal products.
    For the latest updates from Regal Engineering, please check out our new website (
    Best regards,

  4. Jodi

    Just took a look at the new material spring for Regal. I made the exact thing with a dollar package of 2 springs and a 44 cent package of 2 O rings from the hardware store. Easy and a buck and a half.

  5. Rachel White

    Nice review – a bit late to the thread. I’m new to the sport, about a year. I’ve started looking at the Revolution … it’s definitely on top of the short list.


  6. Dakota

    Im from New England. And am new to tying flies, however, I have been watching and studying fly tying for literally yrs now. Before I found out at age 14 that I was “hooked” on fly fishing, tying flies has always been an interest of mine. But, where to begin? Come to find out, my father (who I met in Alaska at age 14) was and still is an avid fly fishermen as was his father and all the men before him, asked me one single question….”what kind of fly fisherman are you?” That question alone I studied for years before finally figuring it out. Long story short, after all the research I did, I FINALLY came to the final conclusion that, even though at age 35 I cant right now afford the Regal set up I wan, I know im not going to begin tying until I do!!! I LOVE REGAL engineering & won’t go anywhere else! Thank you for letting me share this with all of you!As they say….TIGHT LINES! :D. ~Dakota

  7. Tall Bob

    When do you know it’s time to upgrade your tying vise? I’m currently tying on a Dan vise but not pleased with the space behind the fly when tying tandem streamers. Other than that it’s a great tool and have probably tied 500 flies with no degradation in performance.
    The Regal seems the tool to buy but want to be careful not to jump just for the heck of it.
    Good review.

    • Paul Beel

      Hi Bob,

      It depends. If the vise you currently have is getting in your way and it isn’t enjoyable to tie on, then I would say it is time. Even though you have tied a lot on it, your tying has improved and you may be outgrowing your vise. Maybe you need a better tool for the job. I guess you have to make a judgement call.

      I hope that helps.

      Thanks for the comment!

  8. David Shriver

    Hi: Just put my new Travel vise together the TRA50. It is very handy and well engineered for travel. As a retired entomologist fly tying was a natural hobby. I own about 15 vises and believe Regal is the simplest and most convenient. I worked with mosquitoes in S. Africa, Egypt. and Zimbabwe and the travel vise allowed me to duplicate many insects for use in those countries. Cheers……….

    • Paul Beel

      It is great to hear from an entomologist, because I think the subject is very interesting, especially for most of us fly fishers. It sounds like the Regal served you very well through the years.

      Thank you for the comment!