Griz’s “Frankensteiner” Hex Nymph

Todd sent me this the other day and I thought it was awesome! The fly rocks as well as the name! Check it out!

Tied & Created by Todd A.Schotts



Hook: 700B Dai Riki, Sizes 6, 8, & 10
Thread: 6/0 or 140 Denier, Tan or Brown
Tail: Yellow McFly Foam
Eyes: Black Mono (Large for size 6, Medium for Sizes 8 & 10)
Weight: .25 or .30 (optional)
Rib: Hot Yellow Wire (Medium)
Shell Back: Emu Feathers – Gray or Natural
Abdomen: Pale Yellow Dubbing
Wing Case: Turkey Tail Fibers
Legs: Hungarian soft hackle
Thorax: Golden Stone Yellow Dubbing

This fly came about after wanting my own Hex Nymph, but I wanted something unique. Michigan has some awesome Hex Nymph patterns tied by some famous tiers, so I used parts from 2 different patterns and threw in my own twist to this fly, and what a better name than “Frankensteiner” for this Hex Pattern. And when Paul’s site came about I thought what a better pattern to share on his awesome site.


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