Rosenbauer’s Rabbit’s Foot Emerger

Tom Rosenbauer has been a fly fisher for over 35 years, and was a commercial fly tier by age 14. He has fished extensively across North America and has also fished on Christmas Island, the Bahamas, in Kamchatka, and on the fabled English chalk streams. He is credited with bringing Bead-Head flies to North America, and is the inventor of the Big Eye hook, Magnetic Net Retriever, and tungsten beads for fly tying. He is currently Marketing Director for Orvis Rod and Tackle.

This video is from the very professional Tightline Productions. The recipe I provided below is close to what is provided in the video, but there may be some slight differences.

Sizes:  14, 16, 18, 20

Hook  Type: Curved nymph/shrimp

Tail:  Shuck of brown Antron yarn equal to gape, tied halfway down bend. Shuck must be scored first with flat side of scissors or dubbing needle to give it a ragged look.

Body:  ½ Dark olive, ½ Dark brown rabbit fur

Throat:  Short CDC fibers equal to hook gape

Wing:  Bunch of snowshoe rabbit’s foot guard hairs from the middle of the foot. Equal to hook gape in length

Head:  Dubbed from dark hares mask dubbing


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2 Responses to Rosenbauer’s Rabbit’s Foot Emerger

  1. Paul – love this fly. I use it a lot during BWO, PMD and Sulphur mayfly hatches. Thanks for putting it up.