SharkWave Siege Fly Line by Scientific Anglers


Last summer I had the chance to cast Scientific Anglers SharkWave line. I really liked the casting and shooting ability of the line. This particular line was the SharkWave GPX. At that time SA had not released a streamer line of the SharkWave series. Well, it is now available and it is called SharkWave Siege. I asked Scientific Anglers representative, Erick Johnson, to give me his opinion of the new line and this is what he had to say.

“Think of it as the ideal boat line for roll casting big flies in tight spaces. It’s perfect for everything from streamers and bass poppers to mousing (where I really find it shines)

Key selling points for the Siege –
• Short head (under 27’ minus the handling section) loads easily for beginners (or clients).
• Long front taper means more accurate and delicate presentations
• The mass of the head is concentrated in the back 1/3 – meaning roll casting and short distance line management are easier with this line.
• We make it down to a 5 weight for those that want to Bass fish but don’t want to buy a new rod to do it.

The applications we see customers using this line for are below –
• People who are new to the Carp game but want to get into it.
• Mousing – I did some major damage on the Au Sable with the Siege. Again, it’s a roll casting machine.
• Single hand swinging for Steel-bows. See profile above, similar to a “Scandit,” style head that can roll over tips if need be.
• Bassin’ with people who are newer to the game.

To summarize, this line is an excellent and versatile line choice for beginning to novice anglers looking to improve their big fly presentation. Anglers who enjoy carrying line will like the Titan more.”

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