Schultzy’s Red Eyed Leech – Mike Schultz


Schultzy, Owner and Head Guide of Schultz Outfitters in southeast Michigan is the creator of this fly. They spend a lot of time chasing smallies at Schultz Outfitters, so the Red Eyed Leech fits right in. I like the fact that Mike used a dubbing loop containing rabbit to construct the head of this fly. Here’s the information that Schultzy sent.


Hook: Daiichi 2546 Size 4-1/0
Eyes: Hareline Pseudo Eyes or Spirit River Real Eyes Plus (They are the same product) RED 7/32″ or 1/4″ for you hot shots

NOTE: The hook rides up, Eyes go on top of the hook like a Clouser!

Tail under flash: Copper or Gold Flashabou Splash
Tail/ Body: Rabbit Strip approx 2-3″ off the rear. Puncture the leather and strap in using repeated wraps on top of each other. Use the excess strip and continue to wrap a body up behind the eyes. Tie off!
Collar: Mallard or Wood Duck Flank wrapped 2 to 2.5 x’s. Lady Amherst in a dubbing loop works as well.
Head: Rabbit trimmed from the hide and spun in a dubbing loop.

Adding Extra Weight – If more weights desired, I prefer to use a extra large brass or a tungsten bead behind the eye. This needs to be placed on the hook first.
Lead wire is also an option, however it takes more time.

Spun Rabbit Head- Use the longest stuff you can find!
Magnum strips are nice for the spun head since they require a shorter cut.
Using 4.5″ or longer Hair scissors helps.
Use a dubbing twister with a high quality bearing.. The Stonfo Roto Dubbing 2 is the BEST spinner on the market!
Thin out the rabbit once in the loop, Less is more!

Colors – Black, Olive, Tan or Chocolate Brown are tough to beat

Stop by the shop if you have any questions or need help with this one!

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