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I have already posted my new articulated streamer on the FrankenFly Facebook page, but a lot of people aren’t on Facebook, so I thought I would post it on the main site. Since the beginning of spring I’ve wanted to put together a new streamer to use for bass around here. This could also be used for trout too, but bass were my main focus.

I went through several incarnations of this fly. When I experimented I wouldn’t be happy with the movement or it wasn’t bulky enough in certain sections, or it just wouldn’t flow right, etc. So this is the result.

Here are a few things I was thinking through the design process. I wanted the peacock in the back to sit up a bit more, so this was the reason the olive bucktail was added. If you haven’t noticed lately, I use a lot of raccoon tail in my flies. I think it’s especially good to use on nymphs and streamers because the fibers shed water really well. The part that I really started working around from the start was the Spirit River UV2 Super Schlappen. I was surprised with these feathers. As I pulled them out of the bag I couldn’t get over the feel and shininess of these feathers, so I just had to use them somewhere. Since they had the right thickness, I chose to use them for the tail. Anyway, here are the materials included in the entire fly.

Materials list:

two – Gamakatsu B10S Stinger hook – size 1
Tail – Spirit River UV2 Super Schlappen

Back hook –
Raccoon tail
Spirit River olive bucktail
Red squirrel tail
Spirit River chartreuse bucktail
Loon Outdoors UV Clear Fly Finish

Front hook –
Raccoon tail
Red squirrel tail
Spirit River UV2 grizzly soft hackle olive
Spirit River chartreuse bucktail
Senyo Laser Dub – tan
Senyo Laser Dub – olive
Senyo Laser Dub – white
Fish Skull Living Eyes – Wind



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8 Responses to Supercluster – Paul J. Beel

  1. Nice looking Paul. I’ve never tried tying an articulated fly so maybe this will be my first. What is the advantage of an articulated fly?

    • Paul Beel

      The primary advantage of an articulated fly is that you can create a longer fly which gives you a larger profile because you have two hooks to grab the fish if he attempts to bite either end of the fly.
      The two hooks are attached with Beadalon wire running from the hook eye of the back hook and tied down on the front hook. It holds surprisingly well with wraps, but I also place a little Loctite super glue over it just for added security. I should have included that information on this post, but I forgot. Sorry about that.
      Does that help Howard?

  2. Awesome fly, Paul. Looks like a real killer!

  3. the biggest difference is the life-like swinging/pulse motion added to the fly. Larger profile yes, but now you have a swimming fly, more like a minnow. Think of the articulated Rapala- (aka hard body finish minnow fly) without a doubt one of the best all around produce baits around the world. I truly believe when you add the second half of the fly, it puts your fly in a new and bigger size class, be ready for some amazing and voracious strikes, even from browns that in the 12-15″ slot size- they are predators and will strike.
    Tight Lines,

  4. Eric

    Terrific tie, Paul. Love the profile and color scheme. Those trout better get wise.

    And on behalf of those not on fb,…a big THANKS for sharing this here!